Thursday, September 5, 2013

Semana #4

Friends and Family! I can't believe I have already been out a month (in like two days...)! It seems like forever in a way, but when I look back time has really flown. I'm sure it will fly by even faster once I dive head first into the field and my nursing responsibilities.
"Missionary Purpose"
Thomas S. Monson Building
I really do love it here. Despite how hard it is sometimes I am having an awesome experience! I am meeting so many great people and making some long lasting friendships. In a devotional on Tuesday, the wife of the speaker talked about how the work of the Lord has a way of knitting together hearts. I have seen this first hand! One thing I am learning out here is how to love others so much! I'm a little sad to be leaving mainly because it means saying goodbye to a lot of people I've gotten close to. Mainly my two teachers Hermano Montes from here in Mexico, and Hermana Powell from bountiful, My district, and my companions. We've been able to share lots of good, fun, and spiritual experiences together.

One word to describe this week... RAINY!!! And wet! and cold! Okay so that's more than one word, but it's true. I sent a video home to my parents that is just an example to the kind of rain we get. One night there was literally a lake in the middle of the grass and it was reflecting the lights from all the houses on the hill. I got a really cool picture of that so I'll send it home too! You'd think by now that me and my companions would learn to have an umbrella will us at all times, but the past few days we have found ourselves standing at the door of the comedor (lunchroom) and staring into the torrential downpour, with our umbrellas sitting comfortably on our desks in our classroom.... duh!!! Luckily there are lots of gentlemen here that are more than willing to lend us umbrellas. That helps to keep our heads dry but it is hopeless with our feet! I've finally experienced what it is like to have to cross through a river that has suddenly sprung up in the road... It doesn't help when the water splashes up your skirt either.... haha what memories! I have a feeling my poor shoes won't last another year and a half of this, but last night my teacher saw my distress and offered to buy me a pair of waterproof crocs in the city next week. She is a saint! That will be so helpful.
One cool thing that comes with the rain though, are the lightning storms. I don't know how to describe them other than it looks like people are taking pictures behind the clouds with bright flashes. It's nothing like I've ever seen before but I love it! We've been told to be careful, however, because a
student here was struck by lightning a few years ago! She survived, but it just makes us aware to be cautious.

So... our other investigator Fernando decided to get baptized! It was awesome! We were totally thrown off guard when he actually read the chapter we had left him and it had inspired him to get baptized even though he had felt that his previous baptism was sufficient. It was awesome! We had to throw our lesson plan away and just go straight from the spirit. It was awesome :) I love this feeling!
I heard a really good analogy about missionary work this week that I wanted to share. When President Packer was a mission president, he taught a valuable lesson to his missionaries. During a zone conference he brought out a beautiful chocolate cake and asked if anyone wanted some. An eager elder ran to the front for an opportunity to have some. So, President Packer grabbed a handful of the cake with his hands and threw it in the face of the Elder and said, there you go! Everyone was shocked. When asked if anyone else wanted some, the missionaries were rather reluctant so he picked an elder to come to the front. Then, he pulled out a beautiful silver utensil, white cloth napkin, and cut a perfect slice of cake and handed it to him on a plate with a fork. The second elder was obviously much more excited about the cake than the first. So, what's the difference? It's the same cake isn't it? And that's how it is with the Gospel. We have this amazing message that everyone in the world needs, but will they benefit if we just take it and throw it in there face? Will they want it if we just sit down and present it to them like a boring speech? No! We have to apply to them and help them to see how vital it is in their lives. There is nothing wrong with the message, the message is perfect. It's about presentation of the message that is so important. That is why relying on the Spirit to help discern other's needs is so important! It changed my view on how important it is to teach the message in a way that it deserves.
Funny story of the week, for the Tuesday devotional I got to play the piano for the whole CCM! It was cool, and I was excited. I'm glad I can play. But..... as I was walking down to my seat after playing, my skirt caught on a stray tulip that had been hanging over the stairs and it flipped my skirt up! I don't know how many people noticed because I was lightning fast at putting it back down, but I was still embarrassed! haha Sister missionary probs.... there are many. Like trying to get on the top bunk in a skirt? Took me almost a month to be able to do it without falling and tumbling over. Good times! They make for fun memories and good laughs.
I hope you are all doing well, I miss you all mucho! One more P-day and then you'll be hearing from me in Honduras!!!
Until next week,
Hermana Bennett

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