Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feliz Conferencia General!

Monday - October 7, 2013

Hola familia and friends! Wow, another P-day. Where did the week go? I don`t even know where to start, because I forgot to keep a little post-it reminder that I usually do every week in my journal... whoops :)

So let`s start with General Conference. Wow!!! Such a great weekend of spiritual edification from our inspired leaders. I got to watch it in English in a special room just for gringos :) Hermana Peterson was my companion for the few hours that we were watching. I was really grateful for this because I really wanted to understand the words that they were saying. I don`t know if it`s because I`m here on a mission, but I learned more from this conference than ever before. I feel like I got something out of every talk! I was also grateful that we had several investigators come to a few of the sessions. We were promised that if they could come hear the prophet and apostles speak, they would have a spiritual experience. And that really is key - one of our biggest hurdles is getting people to actual come to church. They say they will... but.... yeah.... Without coming to church to really see and feel for themselves, it`s hard for them to see why it matters to them.

A big theme I found this conference was how important it is for us ALL to be sharing the gospel. Missionaries and members need to come together to spread the word. I`ve really seen this in practice here. The successes we have had have mostly been references from members! There was also a theme of warning... That the world his moving away from the Lord faster and faster, and as members of His church we have to have the courage to stand up for what is right and what we believe in. 

Pres. Uchtdorf... that talk was awesome... So incredible. "Top reasons why anyone would want to be a member of our church... Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.... Come, join with us, there is room for you here." I also really loved the talk on being meek and humble. One thing that really hit me was how when the Savior was on the cross, after everything that had been done to him, He still asked Heavenly Father to forgive them "for they know not what they do." It made me think about my situation as a missionary. We have people reject us and not want to talk to us, and it`s easy to get offended when they won`t listen - but Christ had it so much worse, and still loved them and forgave them. I`ve been praying to have this attitude. When the people don`t want to listen, laugh, lie to avoid talking to us, or even glare and give dirty looks it`s because they "know not what they do." If they really knew and understood the message we had to share and the blessing it could be in their lives, they would listen. That`s a perspective that I`ve been trying to have these past couple of days and I`ve seen it change the way I see people - I feel more love for them. When they don`t want to listen, instead of being sad because of a blow to my pride, I`m legitimately sad that they are missing out on the blessings of the gospel. 

I loved Elder Ballard`s talk on missionary work and his advice for missionaries. After we left the session we took his advice "If you want to teach more people, you have to talk to more people." We had some interesting experiences in doing so, but we also found a man walking with his daughter to teach. We found out that his wife and son are members and have an appointment with him this week :) I really could go on and on about conference! I´m excited to get the next issue of the Ensign, so I can study them all :)

Celebrating Hna T's Bday between
conference sessions at a member's house

Interesting experiences of this week: Almost got bit by a dog for the first time in my life (I could literally feel it´s hot breath and whiskers against my leg as it took a furious snap at my calf) and now I`m afraid of all dogs... haha Luckily the girl that owned it swatted it away just in time! Went to work in San Jose for the first time and got stranded there because the buses decided not to come back.... So... we walked to Las Flores. By the time we arrived we were caked in dust from head to foot! What an adventure! A scorpion crawled across my flip flop while I was washing off my feet in our pila out back... I screamed out loud! ...Got accused of trying to steal a boyfriend away because I had asked him for his number so we could share more... haha we were like "uh... well you`re always welcome at our worship services, have a nice day, bye!"

Planning session 

Fruit - Lychees :)

I hope that you are all doing well and that you all had the chance to watch conference. If not - that`s the beauty of technology now a days :) Read up!!!  I love you all and hope you have a great week :)

Hermana Bennett

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