Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hello!!! and Octubre!!

Monday September 30, 2013 

Hello to people that I love! I don`t have time to write today. Me and my companion traveled to San Pedro Sula (by bus and taxi....) To meet with president and hna Klein about my nursing responsibilities. It took up most of our Pday so we will write another day! Just wanted to let you know so you didn`t worry. No time tomorrow because we`ll be working in Los Flores all afternoon but we`ll try Wednesday. Love you!

Wednesday October 2, 2013

Wow! I can`t believe it`s already October. I`ve officially been in Honduras for 2 weeks now, but it feels like MUCH longer. Sometimes I forget that it`s been that short of time. Sorry this email is coming a few days late. 

Hermana Bennett and Klein
On Monday I traveled to San Pedro Sula with my companion to meet with Hermana Klein to discuss some of my nursing roles. She left today to be in the states for a week - she has a brand new Niñeta! So the responsibilities will fall on me for the next week. It soon became apparent that she had left today, since I have already received several calls... haha 
I`m grateful for the time I got to spend with President and his wife. They are incredible people full of so much love! President calmed some of my worries by saying that even though I have this dual calling, he won`t be "land-locking" me in an area just so I can be close to the mission office. He`ll send me wherever the Lord needs. I`m grateful for that! Yes I`m the nurse, but since the office is outside of our mission, the majority of the responsibilities will be fulfilled over the phone. If I can do that close to the mission home now, I can do it 3 hours from the mission home as well. I`m excited to have these extra responsibilities, but to also get to focus on the work as well!

FHE with President and Hna Klein
Last P-day was another treat, because several companionship's of sisters got the chance to go to the mission HOME and have a dinner and FHE with President. The home is beautiful!! It was nice to get a healthy home-cooked dinner and a spiritual thought from President. We learned about Job, and how in one instance he was exclaming that he couldn`t find his God anywhere. He was searching and searching but could not find him, but said that although he didn`t know where God was, God knew where he was. I don`t know the exact wording in English, but basically even when we are in hard times and we feel lost, we are never lost to Heavenly Father. He knows exactly where we are and He will never leave us alone in our trials.

Home-cooked dinner at President and Hna Klein's

This week we have been focusing on working in Los Flores. I really do love the people and the environment there. One of the members that is always going with us to lessons is named S. One day we were walking to an appointment and here comes Santiago over the hill with his little herd of vacas (cows) and machete :) There really are no words to describe this area - I will try to sneak a picture but I don`t know when I will be able to. There are cows and goats and chickens all over the place. Pigs in people`s yards. The houses are mostly one or two room huts. It`s incredible. It also makes me feel a little guilty that I have SOOO much back at home and didn`t realize how blessed I was. You almost have to experience places like this to truly appreciate how blessed we are to live where we live. To have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter, to be able to turn on the water from the faucet and brush your teeth without worries of catching a parasite, to have a garbage man comes once a week to pick up your trash instead of putting it on in your own personal garbage dump in your backyard... Just to name a few.

I was able to watch the Relief Society General Conference in English :) Oh the joy of the sound of my own language and the ability to understand! I LOVED it... Such incredible talks about convenants. That`s really what life is all about - preparing to meet God, and we do that through making and KEEPING sacred covenants. That`s what are goal is. Everything we do here is revolved around helping people realize the importants of making covenants with God, not just accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior and having that be sufficient. I loved the analogy with the new Provo City Temple. People asked, "how could Heavenly Father let this beautiful building be destroyed?" But the truth is, that Heavenly Father had much better plans for that building. He cleansed and purified it from the inside out, to prepare it to become a sacred and Holy place where His Spirit could dwell. And so it is with us :) Sometimes we don`t understand the trials we go through, but when we have an eternal perspective, we can realize that Heavenly Father has much better things in store for us if we endure it well.

I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the fall season! (I`m trying not to be a little envious... haha) I love you all!!
Until next week :)

Hermana Bennett

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