Thursday, January 23, 2014

Can I call the Enfermera (Nurse), too??

Hola familia! 

Another transfer come and gone... how crazy. I will be staying her in La Paz with Hermana Aparicio! This will mean 6 months in my first area. Wow how the time has flown by... I´d have to say that I learned so much about myself in this week - things that will affect my decisions and my relationships for the rest of my life. They were tough lessons, but I´m all the better for having them! 

This week we have been focusing on getting Juan ready for his baptism that was on Saturday. We had everything all figured out when Saturday morning came around and Hermana Aparicio was really sick. We went to the hospital and ending up staying there for 7 hours! It turned out to be really good for us, to be stuck in a hospital room for so long. We talked and talked and talked and finally got to know each other. You´d think after a whole transfer we would know each other pretty well, but I feel like it was in this moment in the hospital room that we finally clicked. We were able to jump ship right before the baptism and got there just in time. Luckily the other missionaries and the ward mission leader had already filled the pila and everything was all set to go. The baptism went great! One of the recent converts in the ward, Irvin, had the opportunity to exercise his priesthood for the first time and was the one to baptize him. It was really neat! It was Juan´s birthday as well so we surprised him with a cake. We also bought him some notebooks with letters and pencils and erasers, because soon we will be starting a class to help the members learn how to read and write so they can study the Book of Mormom. He was pretty excited about it! 

This week I got to go to immigration so that I can finally get my residency here in Honduras! It means I´ve almost been out on my mission for 6 months. I feel like I just got here yesterday! It´s also been SUPER cold this week. Lots of rain, too. It´s weird to see all the hondureños all bundled up with their jackets and beanies. Apparently this cold weather is not normal or something...... haha I only brought ONE little cardigan that Abby and Scott gave me for my birthday because I read a blog before I left saying that I would never need one. Whoops!!! Let´s just say it´s gotten it´s fair share of uses in the past week.

Monday we ate fried fish with head, tail, and all at a members house. It was an interesting experience... haha but it was still pretty yummy! The next day however I woke up sick :( fooey.... I thought I was supposed to be the healthy one! I´m used to telling other people what to do to take care of themselves that when it came time to take care of myself I was at a loss. Everyone kept telling me to take peptobismol and drink water and all I had to say was, ¨peptobismol is a lie!!!!¨ haha It finally took Hermana Klein and President Klein shaking their fingers at us and telling us to go home and rest that made me finally give in and go home. Being sick on the mission is NO FUN. You just want to be out working!! Hopefully we can both get better so we can get back out working. 

I love you all lots and lots. I hope this week is going well. Oh... and if you all felt like sending me an email I sure wouldn´t mind! It´s been weeks and weeks now that I sign on to find that once again my friends and family have forgotten about me.... haha bromas (joking) bromas (joking)(but seriously).

Until Next Week! 
Hermana Bennett

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