Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hola familia and friends! 

Happy Easter! It´s been a great week to reflect on what our Savior did for us in his Atonement, and the miracle of His Resurrection. They don´t really do much to celebrate Easter here - in church I don´t even remember anyone mentioning anything about the resurrection which made me a little sad. Here in Honduras they celebrate the whole week, but if you´re not Catholic, it generally means a week spent at the beach (probably because it is also known as the hottest week of the year!). I overheard on the news at a pulpería that there were over 18,000 people at the beaches... woah... Here in mezapa lots of people go to the river to swim. Which meant for us a week full of empty streets and abandoned houses! It was a little crazy.... haha I felt a little bad because it was my companions first experience here in mezapa and the back up plans of our back up plans fell through and it meant for lots of days of walking around and talking with those who happened to be in their houses :) haha but in the end we were able to find people and had some neat experiences that we wouldn´t have found had otherwise so I´m happy :) Me and my companion are working really well together! She is from Nicaragua and the first member of her family to be baptized in the church. Her younger brothers followed her example, but the rest of her family aren´t members. It really is amazing the testimony of a recent convert in helping investigators to take a step back and really think and ponder about what we are sharing, instead of just writing us off in the beginning.
We had a neat experience the other day. We had tried and failed to find any of our investigators in our agenda which meant contacting. We stopped at a house and a man came out completely drunk. We talked to him a little bit but it was soon apparent that it wasn´t going to do any good trying to teach him the way he was. I was ready to move on, but then he mentioned that there was a woman in the house we could talk to. I was a little reluctant to enter but my companion said, "vamos!" so we did :) We found a woman washing clothes in the pila out back. She only had one leg, the other was amputated a year ago for diabetes. We started talking with her a little bit and she was super open and friendly. Soon she told us that she actually a member of the church, but when she moved here she didn´t think there was a church here and started attending an Evangelical church. We sat and listened to her story for quite some time and I was amazed at the faith and the hope of this woman despite all of her trials! She was super surprised when we told her that there is a church here and told us if she had known she would have never started assisting another. Hopefully we can help her to come back! She is now a leader in another church, so it might be a little hard, but we invited her to pray and ask God what she should do and she agreed. We´ll see how it goes! Things with our other investigators are going well. I really do have a lot of love in my heart for these people :) ... I love being a missionary!

Saturday there was a ton rain! It was a huge blessing (even though all my clothes were hanging on the line... haha) and the temperatures have dropped just a bit and there is a little more of a cool breeze. A little bit of a break from all this heat... :) Rain meant that the lights went out again for a while, I´m starting to get used to living by the light of a candle! haha 

I sure love you lots! I hope you are having an amazing week :) Shout out to Dakota for getting his mission call - that is so exciting!! And to the Allred's for the new addition to their family :)

Until next week!
Hermana Bennett

Hermana's in Mezapa

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