Monday, May 5, 2014

Ups and Downs

April 28, 2014
Hello Friends and Family! 

This week was... a good week. haha Okay so it was a hard week, but that´s okay it happens sometimes! Me and Hermana Olivas have been working really well together, but sometimes the agency of others makes things tough! Sometimes you just want to shake people and tell them all the things they could have, but unfortunately it doesn´t work that way. We lost a lot of investigators this week because they didn´t want to listen anymore and then a lot of others have been having some extra challenges that makes it hard for them to progress. It´s a testimony to me just how much Satan doesn´t want anyone to find happiness and their eternal salvation! It seemed like everything that could go wrong, went wrong (Including breaking my umbrella and losing my watch... haha). For example, we´ve been helping a young couple that have been going through some marriage difficulties. The husband is in the army and so he is gone for the majority of the time and we have been visiting his wife. The other day she was feeling super discouraged and ready to throw in the towel with her marriage but we were able to encourage her and give her a little bit of hope. We visited with the two of them and taught them about families and used the Proclamation. In the end they were both willing to try and things were going really great and the spirit was strong and then.... the husband said that he really appreciates all we´ve done to help them but that we should know that they already attend another religion and won´t commit to anything with us. Another investigator that has been progressing so well had a family problem due to the bad choices of others that left them all with lots of hatred, hurt and discouragement in their hearts. Her excitement about her baptism was replaced with worry and distraction. Towards the end of the week we were getting used to leaving the lessons with a new challenge ahead that we´ll need to deal with and help them to overcome. It´s hard to watch them struggle when you really grow to LOVE these people! But that doesn´t mean that we will give up just yet :) This is the Lord´s work not ours and he can still work miracles and soften people´s hearts and change their lives!

This week was also a testimony to me just how much discouragement can be an enemy of the spirit, and how important it is to hang in there and be happy even when it´s hard. Because without the Spirit, this work is next to impossible! By the end of the week, I was feeling like my spiritual gas tank was running on fumes but thanks to a loving Heavenly Father, each week we get to fill up again when we take the sacrament! Seriously, after church on Sunday I felt so much better and rejuvinated and ready to take on all the hard things to come. I felt the spirit a lot more and the lessons we taught on Sunday went better. We could look back on the miracles that happened this week despite of it all. When we can replace our negative glasses with positive ones, it´s amazing to see just how much the Lord has lead us in this work. We ending up finding some really great people and families. Gladis, the member we found last week that has been going to another church, came to church on sunday! That to me was a miracle. With the investigators that weren´t progressing we were able to ask them for references and have found several positive contacts from them. To me it means that no work is wasted and that there is a purpose for everthing! I was reading in Jesus the Christ and it was talking about how we have to plant the seed and then leave the harvest to the Lord. We can plant, water, weed, but it is the soil, the sun, the rain that does the nurturing. Things that our out of our control. Do our part and let the Lord do the rest. And to be patient enough to let the harvest grow!

Can´t believe it´s going to be May this week. What happened to April??  Sure do love you all and hope your week is a great one! Thank you for all the love and support. 

Until Next Week!
Hermana Bennett

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