Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to.... Me!!

My dearest family and friends. 

Why hello there.... I sure hope that you are all doing well. Tomorrow (May 20th) is perhaps one of the best days of the year. And why is that? Because I was born, that`s why!!! haha But seriously it really makes me sit back and think. How incredible of an opportunity we have to have been born on this earth, to recieve a body and get to grow and have experiences that continue to stretch us and shape us into the people that God needs us to be. It`s not always easy, in fact most of the time it`s pretty hard. But what an incredible blessing we have to have the fullness of the gospel. To know that this life has a purpose, that we aren`t just here to pass time but that we each have a specific plan that a loving Heavenly Father has prepared for us. We aren`t always going to be perfect, but that`s why He sent Jesus Christ, to make up for where we fall short. I`ve been learning more and more just exactly what Jesus Christ did for us and the more I learn, the more in awe I am. I don`t think we will ever fully understand just exactly the magnitud of what He did for us, but the fact is that He did! And because of that one day, if we do our best, we can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and our families for FOREVER! I´m sure you`ve all seen this, but since I`m here disconnected from everything I just barely saw it last week... haha but seriously this video is incredible. I want every single one of my investigators to watch it and feel the spirit and the peace and the hope it brings!


This week was pretty good. We`re hanging in there! The work has been a little slow and a little rough this transfer, but I know that as long as I do my best, I can help the Lord fulfill His purposes here. We`ve had a lot of citas fall through and a lot of people haven`t been recieving us. One day we walked around for a good 2 hours before we had our first lesson (wait aren`t I supposed to be in central america??). People hiding from us, or saying they were busy, or not wanting to listen. But these days always lead to finding new people to teach which I love. We contacted a family that was outside washing dishes that are SUPER evangelical, but they let us in and listened to our message. I felt the Spirit strong with them and they were receptive. We prayed with them and left them with a folleto (brochureof the restoration. The next time we came we just taught the dad, but he told us that he was so grateful that we had come to teach him and that he knew that our message was true. He said that his wife had been sick, but after we prayed with them and left, she no longer had the pain and the sickness that she had been struggling with was gone. He told us that he wanted us to always come visit them and share our message with them because he knows it`s true. We invited him to be baptized and he said that he had already been baptized in the church that they were attending, but that just means that he doesn`t understand quite yet about the priesthood, so we won`t give up just yet :) I felt the spirit super strong, that Heavenly Father has something prepared for this family. 

This week we had a nice break from the blazing heat with rain. We went to the beach again today for p-day but with president Klein. After a while it started raining super hard! But I loved it and soaked it all up. Because the first half of the week was SO HOT: and the power was out so we didn`t have our fans and let`s just say I didn`t sleep. But mom, thank you for your prayers that I could handle the heat, because they were answered with rain and a cool breeze!! I even wore a sweater for the past 2 days.... haha that`s unheard of.... (it was 80 degrees and I was cold!) 

I sure love you all, and I hope that this week is great for you all. Thank you for you prayers and your support.

Next week is transfer week... again??! Crazy how fast time is flying by. I´ll let you all know if I`ll be staying or going, but I think I`ll be staying here... but we shall see. Adios!! Que les vaya bien!!

Hermana Bennett

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