Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mezapa my love!

Hola friends and family. 

Another week here in Honduras. Did I mention it is the last week of this transfer? Nuts. It has been a pretty good week. Lots of challenges but one becomes accustomed to those here in the mission. We found a bat in our back porch one morning. At first we didn`t know what it was... it had the tail of a rat, the body of a frog, and the face of a dog... what?? And when we were half asleep bright and early we were so confused! but then it spread it`s wings and we were like okay it`s a bat! then we helped it find a tree so it could sleep... haha 

The beginning of this week was great because on Monday night I got to spend the night in my first area! Me and hermana S went to visit the R family. I think it was at just the right time because they were having a little bit of struggles, but we were able to help give them some animo (encourage) and it was just so wonderful to see them again! I feel like when I leave this place, I will leave lots of little pieces of my heart with theses people :) Then the next morning we got to go to a meeting with Elder Ochoa of the Seventy and he taught us a lot about our purposes as missionaries to baptize. It`s the greatest act of love we can show to our brothers and sisters, helping them to make their first covenant with God so they can go back and live with him someday! It was a good reminder. When I came out I kept thinking that I didn`t want it to be about how many people I would help to be baptized. I didn`t want it to be about numbers, but it´s also important to realize that the ONLY way these people can be saved is by receiving a baptism by the authority of God. That`s why it`s our purpose to Preach the Gospel and Baptize!!! That day I went with Hermana S to get her MRI and they let me be in the room with her while she was getting the MRI.... yeah.... definitely NOT in the USA!! But it was fun to sit there and talk while she was getting the MRI, though I may have gotten an extra dose of radiation.... haha

Sad day, our super awesome investigator JG told us that he can`t visit with us anymore because his dad forbid it. SO SAD! But everyone has their agency... It just amazes me sometimes that when their kids are out at parties, or who knows what they don`t say a thing, but the second they start to visit with missionaries they throw a fit and forbid them from meeting with us... Shouldn`t it be the opposite? But at least we were able to plant the seeds and hopefully one day soon he will be able to have the gospel again in his life.

We had a miracle. On Sunday the church attendance went up by 30 people!! (and in a branch where only 60-70 people come, that`s A LOT). I was so happy and content :) We`re really working hard to help this branch grow. I was reading in Our Heritage the other day about how when the church first started there were only few people, but people with great faith. It reminded me a lot of this branch. I´m super grateful for the opportunity I get to have to serve in an area that is brand new to the gospel and getting to see the faith of the members here to come to church each week in a house that doesn`t have air conditioning when it is 110 degrees outside yet all still happy and content and working hard in this work of salvation!

Last week mom asked me what I miss about America.... So I thought of a few things and mainly I miss CARPET (there are absolutely no houses with carpet here!), Ovens (how I would love to cook with an oven), snow (because I`m sweating), a washing machine, my hair, feeling clean, not being called fat, drinking water or cooking with water straight from the tap, a blender, my car, and pretty much that`s what I could think of. Things I will miss about Honduras when I leave: homemade TORITILLAS!!! (of flour and corn), being squished on a bus with a million other people, having people sell things on the buses (like fruit and water and belts and wallets, and antibiotics and candy... haha), being able to buy a banana from someone selling them in the street by hanging out the window of the bus when it is stopped to exchange money and product (it`s actually quite comical), all the fruit, palm trees, GREEN lushness, super friendly people, pulperias, pilas, bucket showers, platenos and green bananas, and much much more... I sure will miss this place! There´s just nothing like it. 

Sure love you all! I´ll let you know next week if I`m staying or going... sure hope I`m staying with hermana O one more transfer. We really work well together and I just love this place with all my heart. But Que serà, serà! whatever will be will be! 

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

Picture: the water line is always broken, but today it gave us a pretty site :)

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