Saturday, June 28, 2014

Third times the charm

Monday June 23, 2014
Hola family and friends! 

Today is a little different because I am writing from an internet cafe that is below the city mall in the heart of San Pedro Sula! I´ll make this quick since we can´t be here for very much longer when it starts getting late. Today me and hermana S headed back to SPS for some more doctor visits. Nursing has been a big part of these last few weeks. Lots of missionaries with foot, leg, knee and back problems. Today when we showed up to the doctor there were three more missionary companionships waiting in the office that I had sent. Party at the doctor´s office! I really have no complaints. Putting on my nursing shoes is refreshing. 

The rainy season is back!
This week has been great. We are definitely headed into the rainy season here! It rains most afternoons and the streets fill up with water. It´s fun though, we are getting good use out of our umbrellas. The lightning here is nuts! Sometimes it is a little scary to have the lighting strike so close with a huge metal umbrella, but oh well... Lots of rain mean lots of power outages and being only with candlelight.

Studying by candlelight!
This week it´s gone out consistently, and one night it went out even until the next afternoon. We had church without power!! The members here sure are troops :) But it made for a good experience and the spirit was just as strong as ever. Our investigators have been progressing well and we are hoping to have 4 baptisms within the next 2 weeks (lots of prayers would be great for I, M, J and JE). We had a super good lesson with an investigator names JG. We watched the Restoration with him and the spirit was super strong. He said afterwards (even with a few tears in his eyes) that he knew now more than ever that Jose Smith is a prophet of God. We are so lucky to have the knowledge that we do!! 

This week I started studying each of the individual principles of the lessons again in more detail and spent a while just on God is Our Loving Heavenly Father. That one single point alone is a huge blessing that we understand more than most. Sometimes with a culture that is SUPER christian I forget that a belief in God doesn´t mean they understand who He is and that He is literally our father. We started asking our investigators that simple question (how do you imagine God is like?) and we have had some incredible lessons just specifically on who God is and our divine nature as His children. We would get lots of varying answers, but mostly people were a little stumped and would say "wow.. I´ve never really thought of that before." Most think He is a Great Spirit just like it says in Alma 18.

2 funny stories - Yesterday we were teaching with a member from the ward when we heard a herd of horses running behind us. When we turned around there were like 6 running straight for us! We all paniked and went running in all directions and all B kept saying was "que hacemos, que hacemos??!" (what do we do, what do we do??!) In the end they turned a corner at the last minute and we escaped certain death... haha we got a good laugh out of it. Especially since it was the native catratcha that was freaking out more than the rest of us!

We went back to conquer the muddy river again because the short cut was just tooooo great to pass up. We almost got past it without problems (what are the chances of something bad happening twice??) but just as I reached a rock with my foot my skirt ripped up the whole back....... Hermana O was DYING laughing. Luckily I was able to cover it up well enough to head back to the house to change and we were headed back for lunch anyway. But I was not going to let this little muddy river get the best of us!! So we went back for a third time (i know we are crazy) and we found a giant log and muscled it to make a path and vuala!!!

We passed with no problems and know we have a super great short cut to cut out walking time in between teaching appointments (just pat myself on the back.... haha) Like they always say... Third times the charm!!

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

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