Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stuck in the Mud!

Pday from May at the Beach with President and Sister Klein and her District in Mezapa 
Hola friends and family! 
This week was a pretty good one! Good to hear that Matthew got a good Honduran surprise for his birthday :) So proud.... haha sounds like a new tradition in the making? Though in the picture he looked far too clean.... there`s always next year. Who`s birthday is next? Abby?? mwahahaha :)  

**Note from Angilyn's mom - Honduran's have a tradition of cracking an egg over the birthday person's head and pouring flour over the top!  I guess we were too nice and didn't get Matt messy enough!!!  And we let Scott off the hook this time. . . :)  We did this per request of Hermana Bennett for her brother!

Looking back on this week I`d have to say it was pretty normal when it comes to missionary life. Up at 6:30, exercise, shower, study, out walking and talking and teaching (and if you are hermana Olivas giving all the animals a fright), buying corn tortillas from the lady on the corner, lunch, language study, and out again teaching and singing hymns, yelling bueeeennnnnas, getting blown kisses and hearing "Boootiful guuurl!", letting those tan lines get more and more defined, feeling the spirit, drinking pepsi from investigators (or if you´re from honduras se dice "pexi"), almost getting bitten by a dog here or there (that really does happen to missionaries...), dodging cows and pigs, reading lots of scriptures, hearing "dios les bendiga" (God bless you) and "que les vaya bien" (do well), saying lots of prayers, back to the house at 8:00-8:30 (us sisters have to be in early because of the country we are in...), planning session, wash some clothes in the pila, million calls from dying missionaries, maybe write in the diary here or there, lights out at 10:30 aaannnnnddddd...... alarm goes off at 6:30 and it all begins again! I have to say I`ve gotten quite used to this missionary life and it sure is a life like no other. But I love it! 

Still working with M and everything is going great with him. As well as J, the son of G (the less active family we`ve been working with) - she has to work 4 sundays yes and 4 sundays no so this past month J has been coming to church by himself and he seems to really enjoy it! When we leave him folletos (literature, pamphlets) he fills in all the questions in the back and he is super smart. He thought he had to wait to be 12 to be baptized but we happily informed him that he didn`t have to wait :) we also have been working with a joven (young) named J. Just a few months back he had been receiving lessons from the Jehovah`s Witnesses, but after reading and praying about the Book of Mormon he told us that he knows that this is the truth.
The other night my companion Hermana Rioja from la paz called me with a medical question and then informed me that this Saturday C was getting baptized!! Do you remember the story I told about a girl that had a dream that 2 people were going to come by and teach her the truth and that she would go to church with them? Yes, her!! I was sooooooo happy :) That moment when we first contacted her was seriously one of the most spiritual I have had on my mission, an it really does make everything here worth it when you get to see someone accept the truth and change their lives. I grew to love her very much and it was the best feeling to hear that she had been baptized :) 

Yesterday in the morning we were going around to pass by for our investigators to come to church and we decide to take a short cut that we had previously taken in order to cut back on time..... the night before it had poured rain and so the little stream we had crossed was now a much wider river of muck and yucky water. But getting my creative gears going I utilized my umbrella to reach a stick that I pulled closer as a hand grip and found a log that I could reach to put my foot on. Patting myself on the back for my creativity I stepped onto the log aannnd, it sunk.... along with my foot up to mid-calf and to my dismay I lost balance and though my companion valiently tried to save me it was to no avail. I fell flat on my tousch up to my waist in MUCK. I sat there for a good minute in complete shock, completely covered in yucky goop (it was slightly a dejavu moment of Denmark when I tried to cross the monkey bars and feel in the river). NOooooo! After searching through the mud to recover my shoes we hurried to the nearest house and borrowed water from their pila to wash off as best as possible and then booked it home to be able to change and get to church on time. I had several options....A: cry B: laugh C: get upset or frustrated D: come up with a clever gospel analogy to use in the sacrament talk that I had been assigned. Initially I debated on B, had a slight moment with A, and then finally decided to choose option D :) haha if life throws you lemons, compare it to the gospel!!!

Sure do love you all! I hope you have a great week and are enjoying the first glimpses of summer :) Welcome to my world.

Until next week!
Hermana Bennett

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