Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just call me part-time office secretary

Hola familia and friends! 

Grateful for another week here in the mission. This week has been pretty good. Lots of unique opportunities!

On Wednesday I got a call from Hermana Klein saying that one of the sister missionaries (that lives in the house next to mine) needed to go to the Doctor in San Pedro Sula for her knee and that it would be best if I came with her because I was familiar with the city (just call me catratcha... haha). We were planning on going friday, but something just didn´t sit right. So when the opportunity opened up to go the same day we took it. Our companions stayed behind in a division and we headed off! When we arrived to the doctor´s office, there was a young man that was headed out. He left and walked down the street, but about 2 mintues later he came back and said, "uh... can I talk to you guys for just a quick second?" So we went to talk to him and he told us that a while back he was taught by some missionaries once, was given a pamphlet and a book of mormon, but then got in a motorcycle accident and had to move to San Pedro Sula suddenly. But he said that he loved everything about our church, that he read the pamphlet and knew it was true. He said that he had been trying to get a hold of the missionaries so that he could continue learning and so when he saw us he was super excited! We were able to get his information (and he literally wrote everything down - name, number, email, address, house color, where it was situated, etc). He told us that he just felt good about the church and loved the organization. We were able to give him another book of mormon since he had left it when he moved. It was such a cool experience! He told us that it was the very last appointment with that doctor, too. So God put us there right when he needed us! It was no wonder we didn´t feel right about going friday!

The doctor ended up wanting to see Hermana S the next day as well which meant that we would need to stay in San Pedro Sula for the night which meant another night at President´s house! I seriously feel so spoiled... We went out to lunch with Hermana Klein and then went grocery shopping where there were tons of american products. it was nuts. Me and Hermana S almost died... It was also funny because at President´s house I grabbed the dishwasher soap and was smelling it and said, "Hermana S look!" Then we started laughing.... when in our lives were we ever fascinated with dishwasher soap?? That night we had to get the exercise bike out of the storage unit for her to do exercises for her knee and then played a game of giant tetris to try and put all the furniture back so it fit perfectly. When we were finished there was even lots of room left over! There is some sense of accomplishment in organization... haha. The rest of the night was spent helping hermana klein with burning some cds for a women´s conference and just talking and talking with president klein. It was a great night. The next day (after a hot shower.... what??) our appointment wasn´t until 1 and so they put us to work in the office. It was fun doing some of the administrative stuff. The other elders were a little weirded out to have sisters there for half a day.... haha. We also celebrated President Klein´s birthday with cake and ice cream. Me and hermana S decided it felt like a weekend vacation, and then it was back to work! President drove us back to Mezapa with the exercise bike in the back of his car. Being the nurse definitely has it´s blessings. I´m super grateful for my callling!

Things are still going well with our investigators. Some bumps in the road, but nothing that we haven´t seen before and nothing that can´t be overcome! The other day we were talking to J about his baptism date and then he said the prayer at the end and said, "Dear God, I just want to ask you a little thing (una cosita).... Can I get baptized on the 6th of june?" It had to be one of the sweetest things I have ever heard... :) Everyone here is hyped up about the world cup. We will be walking down the street and off in the distance we always hear "Gooooooaaaaaallllllllll!!!" Yesterday Honduras played and the streets were deserted.... haha there was also a torrential downpour so it´s a miracle that the power didn´t out!

There´s lots and lots of things that I could write about but I feel like this is already a novel. I hope that you all have a great week and I´ll try to be more organized with my thoughts!!! haha Love you all!!

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

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