Friday, June 6, 2014

Things are looking up!

Monday June 2, 2014
Hello to my wonderful friends and familia. 

I hope that this email finds you well. I feel like I just wrote you yesterday (maybe because it was just a few days ago... haha) I feel like things are started to pick up a little bit more here in Mezapa, though it might just be that my outlook is changing! Me and Hermana Olivas have really focused our efforts on being super obedient and then letting the Lord guide. In the end, it´s the Spirit that is doing the teaching which makes it vitally important to have it as a companion. More obedience = more spirit! I´ve been noticing a lot in the scriptures that it says to the degree of our obedience, or to the portion that we keep the commandments we will prosper with that same portion. So if we want a higher degree of the Spirit we need to have a higher degree of obedience. Not that we are disobedient missionaries, but there are always the little itty bitty things that we can do better. I´ve seen a big difference even in the past few days. 

We continue to work with M and he is progressing super well! He told us that he prayed to know if it was true and that the spirit told him "Go with my people..." How cool is that? Then in church on Sunday he was asked to say the prayer and while he was praying he thanked God for being able to find the church and that he could see now that it teaches the truth. I feel blessed to be able to see these miracles. In church on Sunday we finally had a good group of investigators come! It felt so wonderful after several weeks of drought... haha It really is so important for them to be able to come to church and feel the different Spirit that is there. To see the order and the unity that the church has. This week the branch is going on a temple trip. They are leaving at 2 in the morning to get to Tegucigalpa around 6 or 7, stay there all day and then return in the night. How blessed are we to have so many temples within a stones throw from our homes? I hope that I don´t ever take it for granted again! 

picture courtesy of  Federico Bozo
This week I discovered a new fruit called mamones.... Soooo good. They look like little limes, but when you break them open there is a little gooey pink ball that you suck on and then spit out the seed when you´re done. It seems like every other day I am discovering new fruit! It´s definitely something that I will miss. The people here have lots of different fruit trees in their yards. Anything from mangos, lemons, oranges (that are both green here), mangos, coconuts, mamones, pink pears, guava, guanabana, cacao, pineapples, papaya (which is slowly growing on me), bananas of all different shapes sizes and flavors, etc. There is also palmfruit which you don´t eat, but they send it to make oil and lots of other things and the seed is colorful and pretty. My companion is super observant and is always pointing out new flowers and strange exotic birds or other animals. This place truly is a garden! 

Sure love you all and I hope that you are doing well. I would love to here some updates on how you all are doing - you are in my thoughts and prayers always. Shout out to the ward, it´s crazy how many missionaries are serving! It´s a blessing to get to be a part of it. Another shout out to my "big" little brother for his birthday tomorrow. I invite someone to please crack an egg on his head for me.... thanks!!! (and then send me a picture.... haha)

Until next week!

Hermana Bennett

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