Friday, August 15, 2014

Preaching in Paradise!

Hello Family and friends! 

This has been an incredible week here in La Ceiba. I`m loving it here. I feel like I`ve already been here for forever. It`s funny how that works sometimes. I feel like every time I have gone to a new area things just click. I know that this where the Lord needs me to be! 

Me and Hermana Sherman are having a lot of fun, and working really well together :) It`s kind of refreshing to be able to talk in English sometimes... haha I feel like we`ve already been companions for a while, too!

This week we have been working hard. We did a lot of contacting and have found a lot of new people to teach. Had lots of miracles in the process! Among which was finding a young man who happened to be locked out of his house when we passed by so there was no escaping... haha after talking for a few minutes he asked us what baptism was and we had an awesome lesson! Also found a young college student who had just recently changed her life around and found God, which was a huge testimony of how the atonement really can change lives I was also able to get to know the people that they were already teaching and they are sooooo great :) I even taught my first lesson in english! haha We contacted a lady and she was talking on the phone in this weird language... after a while we finally realized it was english! She is from Roaton where the natives mostly speak english with a HEAVY islander accent. It was surprisingly super difficult, but the spirit was really strong :) It was nice because we had to stick to the basics and really think about what we were saying. Hermana Sherman had a copy of Come Unto Jesus in her himnario and it was perfect! It talked about coming unto jesus in every nation, land and isle of the sea :)

Friday we got to go to Roaton! It was SOOOO beautiful! I did divisions with Hermana Harrison, and her area runs right along the ocean. It was so cool and peaceful. It was awesome to teach the people there. We taught in one house that reminded of the princess and the frog, the hut where the old lady witch lives. I felt like I was in bayou in the deep south with all the houses on the ocean, the green lush, and all the people speaking an unrecognizable english :) but we had some incredible lessons and felt the spirit lots.
We were locked out of the house when we got back waiting for the other sisters, so we broke out the pretzels, sat on the porch and and just watched the ocean. Everytime I have a moment to just sit and ponder like that I just remember how
incredibly blessed I am to be here.... Meeting people from all  walks of life and getting to hear their individual and unique stories. It reminds me that God knows each one of us personally and knows us perfectly. How awesome :) The yacht ride was fun! It wasn`t too choppy so we didn`t get sick :)

Funny story -  we were contacting because all our citas fell through and we were having no luck. So we prayed and then the next thing we saw was a woman pass by with her umbrella and we were like, "oh yeah, she`s the one!" so we went to hurry and talk with her and were practically chasing after her and when we finally caught up and started talking, she wouldn`t slow down her walking and we were trying to start up a conversation and she crossed the street so we followed her and then she went to enter a school and we were like, "what`s your naaamme??" but.... she entered the school and disappeared... fail... haha it`s was SOOOOOO awkward but we had a really good laugh about it. So it is with missionary work. Lots of awkward moments that you laugh about later... but hey at least we tried!

This week we did a service project with my zone, we painted a school yard and helped clean up their garden area.

Love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

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