Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Surgeries, Arriving Missionaries, and Pijamadas! (sleepovers)!

August 25, 2014
Wow... I feel like I have had a month's worth of experiences in just this one week! I don`t even know where to start. I`ll try not to have this be a novel.... haha 

Monday night - Got to visit while we were staying in La Paz :) Their daughter-in-law and two grandkids also got baptized just a few weeks ago! Their wedding plans are coming along and they are doing absolutely wonderful :)

Tuesday - Got to go to the airport to to pick up the newly arriving missionaries! It was so fun :) It brought back a lot of memories from just a short year ago when that was me! We had quite a long day with trainings and presentations (and we ate ALOT.... wendy's for breakfast, baleadas for a snack, pizza for lunch, and then a big dinner provided for all of us by a member... holy cow my stomach was not happy with me!) 

C came to the church house and I got to visit with her for a while :) That night Hermana T and her companion Hermana B were here and she had a giant blister thing on her leg! After consulting with all the doctors they decided it would be best if we drained it sterily and then kept it wrapped and compressed. My first surgery performed in the mission.... haha we recorded it and ate Cool Ranch Doritos that we found in the pharmacy to distract from the pain. It reminded me of when Uncle David used Jelly Bellies to distract me from the pain after burning my leg when I was five and mom had to do dressing changes... haha 

Wednesday - the crazy day of transfers and traveling! That night we had a noche de hogar (home evening) with some recent converts and had to run to the pulperia real quick to get some ham. There we found a man who had just recently came back from being in the states and it turns out that he had attended the church there a ton with his brother who was a member that had recently passed away. He was super excited to talk to us and excited to go to church!

Friday - Went to visit a less-active member who has been inactive for almost 15 years after being super active previously. We had quite a powerful lesson with her, which mainly consisted of her talking and venting and coming to her own conclusions of what was right and what she needed to do. Sometimes as missionaries that's what we need to do, LISTEN! Upon leaving she was super hopeful and determined to come back no matter how hard it would be. She even came to the Ward activity we had that night! It was a Culture Night! We had lots of acts by the ward members and then typical honduras food (baleadas, catrachitas, pastelitos/empanadas, and horchata) and then at the end we gave a tour of the churchhouse and the different church organizations. It was awesome because it started POURING raining right after we finished. Perfect timing :)

Sunday - one of the sisters has to go home for knee problems so we got permission from president to throw her a surprise slumber party to help lift her spirits! It was probably the most awesome slumber party.... (maybe because I haven't had one for so long) it was fun because her companion hid the keys to their apartment in a cereal box in the garbage so we could get in. The other companionship's in the area came to help decorate her house and we waited in the dark with candles until she came home to surprise her :) We had borrowed a projector and watched Tangled, ate popcorn, did face masks and just enjoyed ourselves. I really love my calling :)

Okay sorry for the novel... haha I`m really loving it here in Ceiba and am loving being a missionary! I hope you are all well!

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

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