Friday, September 5, 2014

The Dreaded Dengue

Monday Sept 1, 2014

Well. .. this email is a going to be short because there isn't much to say. I didn't really feel like a missionary this week because i was cooped up in my little apartment for four days straight.  Missionaries aren't meant to be cooped up like that. 

It seems like when things are going great and life gets comfortable it's time for a curve-ball to keep things interesting and to keep us progressing. Thursday i came down with a fever of 102.2. With acetaminophen it would go up and down but never fell below 99. Each day i felt worse and worse until finally i went to the emergency room and they checked my blood.  Didn't say much and then just sent me home and told me to come back a few days later. My platelets were at 146. My wise mission president told us to go back today instead of wait and my platelets had fallen all the way to 94! Which meant being checked in to an overnight stay once again in a catrachan hospital. But it is great here. The staff is absolutely accommodating and friendly and informative.  They are taking good care of me. It's even called hospital la fe (faith). I remember one night i was feeling so sick and my fever was so high and my head was pounding and i felt like i just couldn't do it anymore.  I remember praying to God and begging him to "rebuke" my fever... haha buuuuuut i guess it doesn't always work that way.  But i had just watched the Joseph Smith movie in bed that day and the part when they were in liberty jail kept running through my head. "Hija mia, Paz a tu alma... peace be unto thy soul.  Thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be bit a small moment." And it's true. 

This is hard, but it will pass.  At least now I'll be much more careful about putting on bugspray! Just because I'm the nurse, doesn't make me immune to my own guidelines... :) whoops... sure love you all.  Please pray for me.  Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend and the beginning of the school year! The church is true!

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

Update from Hermana Klein:
Wed Sept 3, 2014

She has been pretty sick this week with a fever, headaches and some nausea. We thought it might be Dengue and had her platelets checked, which really is the only way to tell Dengue from a flu bug . . . and they did drop down below 100, which is the point we choose to have them observed in the hospital because there is the potential that it can turn into hemorrhagic fever. Fortunately for us, none of our missionaries have ever had Dengue result in hemorrhagic fever. (knock on wood!!!!) We feel really blessed in that. In the hospital, really they just do some hydration with an IV, and there isn't much else they can do, it's viral and doesn't respond to any medications. Fortunately, after one day her platelets started going back up again. The doctors recommended she be watched one more night (last night) and I'm quite certain she will actually be going back to her home today. Probably for about 2-3 days more of rest (which she is getting really tired of!) - before she starts doing missionary work again with her companion, Hna. S. She has been wonderful and is taking such great care of her. We are keeping a close eye on her. She is amazing and we are astounded weekly at the work she continues to do as a missionary as well as provide much assistance to all the missionaries with their health needs. We love her tons! We'll keep a very close eye on her, and if anything changes I'll let you know. 

Sending love from Honduras - Hna.Klein


  1. This is Hna. Sherman's mom - We have been praying for your daughter and a quick recovery. She is a blessing to our daughter as they diligently serve the Lord :)

  2. Thank you for the prayers! Your sweet daughter took such good care of her. She is doing much better and I know it is from all of the prayers in her behalf. We feel the same about your daughter!