Monday, November 4, 2013

Transfer #3!!

Hola familia and friends!

It´s crazy that another transfer has already come and gone. November? Whaaaaat? Maybe I´m so surprised because it is still blazing hot here, and I´ve always grown up with cold weather and so I still feel like it should be June or July. But despite all that things are going well! There are good days, bad days, so so days, but when I can sit back and think of the miracles that happen everyday, it helps me to stay positive!

Speaking of miracles, President Klein shared one with us at the transfer meeting. A whole group of missionaries from the Guatemala MTC missed the flight when an unexpected change of airplanes left them without seats and they had to return to the CCM. They said that they wouldn´t be able to fly out until later in the afternoon the day of transfers, which means they would completely miss the change of companions. Soooo.... the church purchased a private airplane to fly them here in time for transfers and dive head first into the work. A whole airplane for only 14 missionaries... What a testimony of the importance of this work! 

The first week with Hermana L has been good. We get along really well and work well together. We´re both very laid back, so sometimes that poses a problem with indecisiveness but oh well! I´ve gotten used to just doing what Hermana B said to do, so the first time Hermana L said, "okay hermana where are we going to teach tomorrow?" it totally threw me off and it took us a good hour to plan because I kept second guessing myself... haha but all she kept saying was "no se preocupa hermana, está bien!" (do not worry sister, okay!)  haha I´m really grateful that she is soooo patient and willing to let me take the reigns even though she´s the one that´s training me. I have a new testimony of why they have transfers in the mission. We stay in an area and do everything that we are called to do, and than others come in to pick up where you left off. It´s amazing to see how our investigators have reacted to Hermana L and I know she is here and that we are together for a reason! We were walking home after an incredible lesson, and Hermana L said she felt like this area was "white and ready for the harvest" and that we were getting the incredible opportunity to be apart of that harvest :) We´ve been teaching a young woman. Lately she has been having the desire to change and she has been so receptive to the lessons and I can already see a light growing in her eyes. Most of her family are already members, so that has been a great support. A few days after our first visit we had a family home evening at her house, and as we were leaving she said, "aren´t you going to give me more homework in the book of mormon?" I was so surprised that she had already read and that she had the desire to read more! I feel the spirit so strong with her and I can feel her desire to change her life so lots of prayers her way will be wonderful! 

Okay, before I finish this letter can I just say how much my testimony of family history has grown in this area? There is a member in our ward and we get to eat at her house every Sunday for lunch. She is a first generation member and has spent the last 20 years or so working with her family history. She has over 5000 names in her family tree that she has personally found.... yes 5000. On Sunday she pulled out folders and folders and folders of her family history files and was telling us all these stories of how she helped someone find their father after 25 years, etc etc. Lots and lots of miracles! On Sunday as she was telling us stories the spirit was SOO strong. It was cool to think that as we are working to bring the living unto Christ, she has dedicated so much of her time to bring those who have already past on to Christ. And it´s not even her calling! Heavenly Father loves all His children and wants them all to have the opportunity to accept this Gospel. She is incredible, and even has her own machine to look at the microfilms for indexing that they have in the family history centers in the church. Let´s just say I´ve been inspired. I know this church is true, because I have felt it and I have seen it! There is no doubt in my mind!

I hope that you all have a fantastic week! I love you all!!!
Hermana Bennett

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