Monday, November 4, 2013

Wed, Oct 30, 2013 It`s winter in Honduras!!! (okay not really....)

Hola familia and friends! 

Another week has come and gone. I have like NO time to write so this email might be a little more brief than usual. Today I said Adios to my mama Hermana B :( I learned so much from her as my first companion here in Honduras and am so grateful for this past transfer! But, I`m excited to see what this next transfer will bring! My new companion is Hermana L, also from Guatemala. The funny thing is that she was companions with Hermana D (one of my companions from the CCM!!) and now she is mine! She is very nice and loving, almost has a year here in the mission. 

Adios to Hermana B

Hola to Hermana L

Today and last night I participated in my first training sessions as the nurse! I got to give a presentation first in English and then in Spanish today. It was great! Pretty basic for my first times, but I`m sure it will get better :) Last Wednesday I had a meeting with Hermana Klein and the other mission´s nurse and we talked a lot about how important prevention is. So I wanted to focus on helping these missionaries know right off the bat how to AVOID sickness instead of having to treat it after the fact. I hope I can help them out! We also went to the Immigration office after the meeting for Hermana B to get her residency taken care of (if you saw the pictures on Hermana Klein`s blog).

This past week we had the amazing opportunity to participate in yet another baptism of one of our investigators! E was baptized on Saturday!!! And on the Thursday before we were able to attend the wedding of him and his new spouse V, who was already a member of the church. I love to see the change these people make in their lives and the bright spirit they have as they have been born again. They`re already looking forward to getting sealed in the temple a year from now!! 

I found something funny during one of my personal studies. I was reading in Luke 10 when Christ called his seventy and sent them to preach the Gospel. It says specifically in a verse (can`t remember which one) to "eat and drink all that they put before you".... bahahaha I couldn´t help but laugh out loud. So I guess I need to be obedient and eat the food that they give me without complaining that my body is getting fat.... haha Another thing I have been finding is just how important prayer is. Little examples: Where did the answer come that  brought about the First Vision? Answer to a prayer. Restoration of the Priesthood? Answer to a prayer. The vision of the tree of life? The answer came after Lehi prayed for deliverance from the darkness. Yes Heavenly Father already knows what we need, but we need to ask through prayer in order to receive it! We have to do our part too.

Here is an expert from the letter I sent to my President this week:
"I'm grateful to be a missionary. I know that I am here for a reason, and that I have gifts and talents that are specific to the work here in Honduras. The trick is finding out what those gifts are and cultivating them and using them every day! I think I've always been the type of person that tries to get from A to Z without going through the other 24 letters of the alphabet and then being impatient with myself when I don't succeed right away. But whenever I start feeling this way, Heavenly Father finds a way to remind me to take little steps at a time, all will be well, and that he is in control. For example, the other day we were leaving an area and the investigators we were working with either didn't want to listen or were difficult for one reason or another. I was feeling a little frustrated with myself that I couldn't find the words to say to perk their interest or turn their attitudes around. And then as we were headed for the bus, a young man came up to us and said, "you're the missionaries aren't you? My dad in Progresso has been baptized into your church. I have a Book of Mormon and everything. When are you going to come visit me?" I feel like it was Heavenly Father's way of telling me, "chin up, I'm here, just keep doing what you're doing". I'm grateful for experiences like this that help me to keep moving forward!"

I love you all! Keep the prayers coming :) Until next week!!!
Hermana Bennett

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