Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to the heat....

Hello to my friends and family! I hope you are recovering from your Thanskgiving comas :) I expect that you all ate well. I enjoyed a little ice cream from the pulpería with my companion to celebrate!

I feel like I was just writing an email not too long ago... Maybe that´s cause it really wasn´t that long ago! This email will probably be shorter so all those that don´t read due to length can feel free to proceed :) haha 

The past week was cold and wet! It´s funny to say cold because it was only low 70´s upper 60´s, but the dramatic change left us shivering! I only brought one cardigan (thanks to abby and scott), which was well used. This meant that there was lots and lots of MUD. The majority of our area is dirt roads so that meant that we were trecking through mud the majority of the time. I´m surprised (and quite relieved) that I never fell. At one point we were trying to get down from what´s called the BORDO (board) in las flores and it was a slippery slide. A man riding by on a motorcycle saw our distress and came to our rescue. We had quite the laugh, and it made for a good contact! Today, the sun was out and shining. For about 5 minutes I was thinking oh how wonderful! But.... Now I´m just hot... haha

I can´t believe this is the last full week of this transfer... Holy cow this transfer flew by! This past week we´ve been finding so many new people to teach and we are making such good progress with those that we have been teaching that I really don´t want to leave! I feel like this next transfer we´ll really be seeing the fruit of our labors. Plus, I absolutely LOVE the members in this area as well and would love to spend Christmas here. But of course in the words of Doris Day, Qué será, será! Whatever will be will be. I´ll go where the Lord needs me. ... but it would be nice to stay here too :) 

Yesterday at church was so wonderful. All of the little kids that we are teaching got up and bore their testimonies! I see the light in their eyes and their excitement about the gospel is contangeous. It´s funny because they all call me Hermana Belett... haha it´s endearing. One will be getting baptized this Saturday! The other doesn´t have the same support system in her home and so we are still trying to work with her family to see what we can do. We´ve been praying really hard about her, and yesterday I read in Acts 10:47 when Peter says, How can we deny baptism to those who have received the Spirit as well as we have? I have a lot of peace in my heart about this little girl :) The light in her eyes is so bright. I know it will all work out! 

I love you all! Until next week! I´ll let you know whether I´m getting transferred or not.
Hermana Bennett

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