Thursday, December 12, 2013

Transfer #4 - Training

Wed December 11, 2013

Hola mi familia and friends!

Me and Hermana L

I cannot believe that this transfer is already over. Holy cow it flew by! I feel like it was just yesterday that me and Hermana L started working together. I learned so many things with her this transfer, one of them being the importance of obedience and diligence. Half way through the transfer we recommitted ourselves to be as obedient as possible to the study schedule and to all of the other mission norms and the difference between the first half and the second were like night and day! We saw more miracles and had more spiritual experiences. More than anything we had the spirit with us. It is so vital to have the spirit with us as missionaries. One thing I have learned about having more rules to follow is that it give us more opportunities to be obedient. More obedience = more spirit! And more spirit = more miracles. I´m glad I´ve been able to learn this lesson early on.

Wednesday morning I received a phone call saying that in less than an hour I needed to be in a meeting for future trainers. Come again? Yes.... Future trainers. I just barely finished my own in-field training and the Lord has decided to have me train one of his new missionaries! Wait, aren´t I new too? I´m deeply humbled for this opportunity. I know that I will learn a lot and that it will help me to step it up and really work hard to set a good example for my new companion. 

Hermana Aparicio and Hermana Bennett

Speaking of which, my new companion is Hermana A! She is 23 and from Peru. She was just baptized 2 years ago with all of her family minus her dad. How cool is that? I know that her testimony will be a HUGE blessing in the lives of investigators, as she was just in their place a short time ago. I know that I am going to learn a lot from her and I am really excited to see what this transfer has in store for the both of us. Training is a huge responsibility and though it gives me quite the nerves, I know that with the Lord´s help I can do it :) Hermana R is also training and she´s been out the same amount as me. I think we´ll be a good support for each other! This means that I will still be in my area for Christmas! I really love my area and the people that I have come to know. If I am going to be away from my family for Christmas, at least I can still feel like I am at "home¨ with other people that I have come to love.

This was the week of the TARANTULAS.... Eeeewwww. One night I was talking to Hermana Klein about some enfermos when all of a sudden I screamed because there was a tarantula under our study table! Then the very next day, I heard a comotion and scream coming from the back porch. Hermana L encountered a tarantula next to the pila when she went out to wash clothes.... it took a good 20 minutes before we got up the courage to kill it. Yikes! 

On friday we went out teaching with a member in our ward named S. Her dog "dolfy" is always accompanying us as well and is so full of energy! It was a little scary because that energy of his placed him right in front of a car and he got hit right in front of our eyes! Luckily after about five minutes, he was off pouncing around again with the same energy, though a little weary of cars. Hopefully the experience will teach him to be a little more careful! 

On saturday we had the baptism of our dear niño S! Everything went well and there were so many people that attended to support him. Lots of other niños were there and they gave the talks and said the prayers. It was very special. It makes me happy to see a child so full of excitement about the gospel. We will be continuing to visit him and I pray that he can keep this same excitement for the rest of his life, and bless the lives of many as a missionary himself! M, his cousin that is also 9, also wants to be baptized. In her prayer the other day she said, "please bless that I can be a missionary too someday" It was so cute :) This day was full of lots and lots of work and we got back to our house pretty whooped! Yet, we still had to study.... haha Just as we were about to finish, Hermana L was reading out loud from preach my gospel and all of a sudden her words started slurring together a little and she started replacing words with other words that weren´t correct and all of a sudden she dropped off completely. She had fallen asleep mid sentence!!!

Things are going well here in Honduras. I´m so grateful for the experiences I am having and the things that I am learning. I love you all and I hope you are all going well. Until Next Week!!

Hermana Bennett

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