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He Lives - Merry Christmas!!!

December 22, 2014
Hello Family and friends! 

FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!! Wow I can't believe that we are already at that time! It's a wonderful time to be a missionary :) This week went by so fast, but looking back I feel like so many things happened! This week was our multizone conferences. The theme for this one was "the Living Christ" and we focused on Him :) It was amazing I absolutely loved it. All of the zones submitted a Christmas video of acts of service that we did in the month of November and they compiled them all together and made it into a video of Honduras San Pedro Sula East missionaries "going about doing good..." It was fun and it made me smile and feel the spirit at the same time. Serving really does make you happy! President Klein asked me to recite the Living Christ to start off the testimony meeting that we had. I had memorized when I was 16 for Personal Progress, and the older I get the more and more it means to me. When I started reciting it I felt the Spirit soooo strong and I could barely get through it. He Lives!!! He really does! And I love Him. I feel like a lot of times in my life, like at Oakcrest and here on the mission, I am always making sure that people understand what Jesus Christ did for them, but in that moment I feel like I finally realized what He did for ME.

At the multizones we also got to give all the missionaries their flu shots.... muahahaha... President said that it was the moment to see who were boys and who were men :) It was fun! We even got my companion and hermana olivas in to do some shots too. I let Hermana Andújar experiment on me.... gulp it was all funny until it was my turn. haha But I love being the nurse and I love getting to spend so much time with Hermana Klein! She is just so wonderful. 

This week we had some neat experiences with investigators. There was one lady that was having this internal debate. She liked what we were saying but she just felt like all churches are true and that it doesn't matter where you go as long as you go. She is trying to decide whether or not she goes to the US with her son and just recently changed her life around and didn't want to go there and fall back into the old routine. In our studies my companion felt strongly that we needed to give her the Book of Mormon. Right when I pulled it out it was like a lightbulb switched on in her head, she said, "you guys are the mormons? One of the families that I might stay with in the US said that they are Mormons, too" The spirit was super strong when we explained that the Book of Mormon was the evidence that our church was the only true and living church on the earth and she was super attentive and excited to read and pray to see if it was true. We assured her that the church was the same in all parts of the world, and that she could attend church with her family in the states :) Her whole attitude changed around thanks to the Book of Mormon. We were also walking one night and decided to stop by a house and give them a pass-a-long card for He is the Gift. A young-man came out, said thanks and then when we asked if we could come back again he said, sure... haha When we arrived a few days later for the visit he was actually waiting for us, card in hand, ready to hear our message! He hadn't even seen the video, but he was anxious to hear what we had to say. He accepted the invitation to be baptized, even though we didn't really teach much, just got to know him a little. That to me is a testimony that conversion isn't really all about what you KNOW, but more about what you FEEL. And when you receive a witness from the Spirit and feel that it is true, that is when your knowledge can increase.

Oh I forgot to mention! today we had a Christmas lunch with the Webb's and I ate funeral potatoes.... yes FUNERAL POTATOES!!!! And homemade rolls, and apple-banana salad that i made and roasted ham... yum.... a typical American Christmas lunch! it was wonderful :) :)

I hope that you all have an AMAZING Christmas this week! I'm excited to be able to call and talk to you for one last time in the year 2014! Love you lots!

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

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