Sunday, January 18, 2015

Surprise!!! A long awaited Baptism :)

Monday Jan 12, 2015
Hello friends and family! 

This week was great here in Honduras. On Thursday we were going about our normal business when we received a telephone call from President Klein with the best news!! Hermano F was able to get baptized!!!! We were so excited we starting jumping up and down in the middle of the street... haha The bad news is that the other day he was riding his bike along the beach and a stray wave came in all of a sudden and pulled him into the ocean and he lost his phone.... :( So we couldn't get a hold of him and he lives up this mountain and leaves to work so he usually is only there when we have set appointments with him. So we had to wait until the next day to let him know. We got there and said, "guess what, you get to be baptized!" and he said, "when??" and we said, "Tomorrow!!" haha and then we told him about his baptismal interview and again he asked, "when??" and we said, "right now!!" haha so he hurried and got ready and we climbed down the mountain to head to the church for his interview and then Saturday he was baptized :)

It was so great. He has been waiting for a while to get the go ahead and has endured patiently always coming to church and all the activities and inviting all his friends. There were so many people in the branch there supporting him and the spirit was super strong. He is going to be a great strength to the branch! It was awesome as well because our mission leader, H, got to baptize him. He is a convert of 6 months and it was his first one! He was super excited about it. 

This week we have been doing a lot of contacting!! We have found that here in T, we will find people that are super excited and progress, and then the next week they disappear or don't want to receive us anymore. So this week we focused a ton on replenishing our pool of investigators! It made for lots of fun and interesting experiences :) haha we met a lot of people from different faiths and shared with them. There are so many good people in this world in all faiths! It does  make it a little difficult for them to accept our message, but I know that God is merciful to the faithful and will help prepare their hearts for the day when they can accept the fullness of the Gospel. Hopefully in this life!! We can just do our part to little by little help them to open up their hearts. There was a lot of rain again, but it came in spurts. But when it came, it poured!! There is a part right by the cemetery at the bottom of a hill that we have to cross to get back home and on several occasions it had turned into a lake and we had to cross it with water up to our knees! The bottoms of our skirts would get a little wet.... haha it was quite the experience, I just had to not think about whatever was in the water that kept brushing up against our legs.... haha 

We're on the home stretch! I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve as a missionary and I am trying to finish out as strong as I can. It can be a little tough at times but I am studying that missionary chapters in Alma again and learning a lot from the sons of Mosiah and Alma and Amulek. They endured a lot of trials, but they kept going! :) There really aren't words to express how much I love being a missionary, but luckily it doesn't have to end here. We can keep serving our whole lives, just in a different part of the Lord's Vineyard :)

Love you all!
Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

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