Monday, November 3, 2014

My Life "Flashed" Before My Eyes!

October 6, 2014
Hey Family! 

It's been a good week! It was awesome because we didn't have divisions so we actually had 32 lessons this week :) Hooray :) The mission goal is to have 35 lessons in a week and when we go on divisions the lessons we have don't count for us. In District and Zone meetings we are always asking if we are a bendicion (blessing) or a maldicion (curse) for the mission so when our turn comes up and we can only say 21... uh... but luckily we know that what we are doing is much more important than numbers and dats. It counts in heaven and it counts for all the people that we are helping. That's all that matters! That something we say a lot as a companionship, "it counts in heaven."

This week was pretty stormy and on Tuesday we got caught in some crazy rain and lightning walking home from the stake center (and I'd say the distance is probably like walking from our house to the Jordan River temple... no biggy!) I'm never going to complain about having to get in my car and drive 5 minutes to get anywhere ever again.... haha The lightning was super close! Every time it would go off it would flash and then boom and shake our whole body. It was nuts. Lesson Learned: Lightning and Electronics = a VERY BAD MIX!! There was a huge lake in the street in front of our house and we wanted to video the cars having to wade through it and mid-video I caught a lightning bolt striking right next to my companion.... Literally! I put the video on dropbox so you can see it. At first we didn't realize how close it was. Just saw a flash and felt the boom... but after we watched the video we were in shock. We are definitely protected!

Cambios (changes) were this week but we're stuck together yet again :)  I've never been more nervous about finding out about cambios... haha We're actually super happy. But we made the goal that we need to talk in Spanish while we are outside of the house so our spanish skills don't go downhill! This week we found some awesome people (and when I say that WE found them, I don't really mean that. We were LED to them...). We taught a women named A who is super incredible. She shared with us that she had a boyfriend that she was really in love with and she was very happy.... and then he was murdered (pretty common in this country unfortunately). After that experience she said she was really mad at God and spent a lot of time being really bitter about life... But after a while little by little she started opening up her heart to Him and He began to heal her. I felt the spirit so much while she was talking and I felt like she was the one teaching us :) We taught her lesson one and asked her why she felt it would be important to have prophets on the earth and she went off on this whole shpeel as to all the confusion there is now a days and that a prophet would be important so we could all know exactly what God wants us to know and to keep the doctrine pure, etc. After she finished we were like, "uh... exactly!" haha I'm excited to teach her more. We also were teaching a young man named G who loves the Bible and is suuuuper smart. While we were finishing up his father walked in. It turns out he is a member of the church who has been inactive for 15 years. But we were able to talk with him about the Book of Mormon and he was reminded of how he came to know for himself that it was true. He started telling us about a dream that he had had when he went to the church and it was filled with people dressed all in white. He was able to get through it before he burst into tears. He told us that he has no doubts that the church is true and that he needs to come back. It was so special! 

Wasn`t Conference Lo MEJOR????!!! (the best) I absolutely loved it as always. I feel like it centered a lot on the importance of personal revelation, modern day prophets, the sacrament, and taking personal responsibility of our own spirituality and salvation.I loved Elder Christofferson and President Uchtdorf's back to back talks on personal revelation. The analogy that Pres. Uchtdorf gave really made me think. He talked about all the technology that we have right at our fingertips, but if we were to go back in time to the middle ages and try to convince people of what was to come, they would all think that we were CRAZY. They would be absolutely convinced that we were wrong and may even ridicule or try to silence us. But they would be entirely mistaken... I loved that he said that we shouldn't throw out what we know to be true because we don't entirely understand it. He also talked about revelation being like light, an how the more we have it the more clear the mysteries of God become to us. But if we walk away from the light of the gospel, our own light will begin to fade and our understanding will begin to blur until we reach the point to where we don't even know how we could have believed in the first place. It made me realize that if I ever have questions and doubts about something that once was clear to me, it's time to do a self-evaluation and get back to the light!!!! There was soo much more that I learned, I'm excited to get the liahona and start studying them! Just a weird thought..... while we were listening to the last musical number by the choir, me and hermana s made plans to go together to the next general conference.... uh.... 

Love you all! If you didn't get to watch or listen to conference, in the words of Elder Scott "DO IT!!!" (with finger pointed and a stern look in his eye) We are so blessed to have modern day revelation!

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

PS - the supermarkets are full of christmas trees and lights and decorations... It's only the beginning of October!!

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