Monday, November 3, 2014

Sorpresa!!! (surprise)

Hey familia and friends! 

This has been a great transfers week. Guess who my companion is??? HERMANA RIOJA!!! Yes.... the same Hermana Rioja that was my companion in La Paz :) We were super surprised but I'm super excited about it. I know that transfers are inspired and that we are together again for a reason. President says we are finishing what we started, since we only 2/3 of a transfer together. Before transfers I was praying really hard for Heavenly Father to send me a companion that would help me to finish out my mission happy, excited, and working hard! This week we've been echaring fuego (on fire) and having a lot of success. It's been SUPER rainy and Hermana R had forgotten her umbrella in her last area so we were soaked to the bone all day long, but it's hard to not be happy and excited with Hermana R whether we are wet from head to toe or not.... haha But we are freezing our tails off.... It's like 75 degrees outside and we are shivering like crazy! I don't know what I am going to do when I have to walk outside in the SNOW.... uh oh... 

This week we have been focusing on gaining confidence with the members and finding new people to teach. They are going to be rearranging ward boundaries which cuts our area in half (which means half of our investigators....). So we really need to work to find new people in the other half of our area that will be staying. Plus there comes a certain point when some investigators just sadly stop progressing. That part is the hardest I think :( But we learned in a leader's counsel meeting that there are two errors that missionaries make. They aren't patient enough and stop trying too early, or they try to force progression when it just isn't their time yet. We have to remember that sometimes we are called to plant, and others to harvest. The key is recognizing when it is time to let them go for a while. 

The other day we went to visit an older member that hasn't been able to come to church due to health reasons. Her attitude really made an impact on me. When we asked her what had happened in regards to her health her immediate reply was, "fìjese, que Dios me ama" (you know what? God loves me....) She said that though she was struggling with her health it was a testimony of just how much God loves her, because it was these times that she felt most near him, and could feel his love the strongest. I hope that I can have that attitude during all my trials and struggles as well. There was also another night when we stopped by unannounced at another member's house and she was in the middle of making cupcakes so we jumped right in to helped her and just enjoyed a little bit of time getting to know her and drying off a bit after being caught in the rain for a while. Before we left we shared a message with her, and then when we finished she said, "you know, I was feeling really down a little while ago, and just look how much God loves me for sending you two to my house." I feel like it's moments like this that I really feel like I'm fulfilling my missionary duties :) It's so true. Missionary work just can't be done by just the missionaries. Members and full-time missionaries need to work together! Gaining a relationship with the members is just as important as all other aspects of the work. 

Quote of the day: "Selective Obedience brings Selective Blessings" - Jorg Kleginstat(or something like that)

I love you all! I'm getting super excited for this Holiday Season :) Really the only thing I want for Christmas is handwritten letters and pictures from home.... (hint hint) I hope that you have a fantastic week! Happy November!

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

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