Monday, November 3, 2014

A Week of Firsts

September 22, 2014
Hello family and friends! 

This has been a really good week. Lots of firsts for me... First time teaching a lesson right on the ocean, first time teaching someone who didn't believe in God, first time getting bitten by a dog (yes that did happen. It came out of no where and just charged right at me and bit me in the upper thigh and got a little bit of my pinky... haha but luckily didn't draw blood, just a little bruised),first time I saw Tarzan swinging vines in real life, and first time getting stung by a bee (or make that a SWARM of bees...). It was quite eventful! haha 

The family that I wrote to you about last week is just doing soooo well :) C and her daughter N went to church on Sunday and she loved it! She said she will be coming back next week. Everytime we visit her she has read all her assignments and prayed. She is progressing super fast and is super excited about it :) We are trying to work with her "spouse" (not married yet), which is a process but all things are possible. His family is from Palestine (his grandpas house is one street over from the stable where they say Jesus was born!). One night when we came over he pulled out all his pictures and was telling us all about his family. We're going to back and teach him about family history to try and get him interested! 

Went to Roatán this week once again for divisions. It was Soooo hot! This time when we got there, there were two huge cruise ships in the bay and another around the bend. The place was SWARMING with tourists! I don't know why it is so weird for me to see North Americans here and to hear people talking in English... haha my companion is one and there are other American missionaries, but it's just not the same. We had a really good couple of days there and it was fun to see some people that I had taught with them before and how they have progressed. We had a lesson with a girl that we had contacted before and her cousins were there. One shared with us that he didn't know if God existed. Crazy to say that that was a first in all the time I have been here! The latin culture is very religious and everyone I have talked to thus far have believed in God and Christ. We had a really good lesson though and in the end he agreed to pray to God and ask Him if He was really there. 

On Sunday, me and my companion had a tender mercy which was also kind of funny. My companion had felt sick after lunch and threw up a couple of times but we still went out to work bless her heart. When we got to another appointment they had prepared a huge plate of rice and chicken for us to eat, and I just knew she was going to struggle! We were both praying that she would be able to eat it and keep it down. I had already finished and she still had 2/3 of her food left. Then our investigator showed us her husbands chile that is super super spicy. Hermana S had only touched the lid, but then after touched her face and immediately it started burning! So she and the investigator ran in the kitchen to hurry and wash it off and I took advantage of the situation to take as much food as I could from her plate without making it obvious and shoveling it in my mouth to hurry and get it down for when they got back.... haha she was able to get the rest down and the nausea was mercifully under control when she finished. Even though her face hurt, it was an answer to our prayers. God answers them, even in the strangest of ways! 

I guess I should explain the bees. Today we went on a hike to pico bonito! It was super awesome. It's a waterfall in the middle of the jungle. To get to the trail you have to cross this sketchy drawbridge thing, but it was an adventure. When we finally got there me and my companion took a picture by this tree thing which apparently had a large hive of bees in it. All of a sudden the bees came out of no where and started stinging me everywhere!
We all took off running (down these steep rocky path.... haha) shouting and waving our arms,  It was like the movies. Hermana S was whipping all the bees off me with her handkerchief, getting stung on the neck herself. A bunch of other elders got stung as well.. I've made it 23 years without getting stung by a bee, so I guess the experience had to be an epic one. Luckily I'm not allergic! 

I hope that you are all getting as excited about conference as I am! It's in 2 weeks!!! As well as the women's conference on saturday. I feel like it's Christmas :) Being here on the mission has made me realize more and more just how much of a blessing it is that we have modern day prophets who recieve revelation directly from God for us, and if we listen with faith, prayer and with real intent, the Spirit can testify to us what we personally need to learn, and can answer our deepest questions. Let's not take this incredible blessing for granted!

I love you all!
Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

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