Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tender Mercies

I don't have much time to write today because we are here in Trujillo (we had to wake up at 3am to travel.... ugh....) If we get back in time I'll write something a little bit more exciting!

This week we I did a lot of teaching in English! For some reason we found a lot of Methodists this week and the majority of them are English speaking, so I got to practice my english teaching skills and I got to watch the Restoration in English for once, it was weird. I felt like their voices didn't sound right.... haha I feel like a lot of the people we found this week were led to us, as well as us being led to them. One old lady said that she saw us pass and then prayed and prayed that we would come back because she felt that God had sent us to her. I remember seeing her dog and thinking it was dead so we went back to check on it and there she was on the porch :) We passed by another lady who was sitting in her front yard and we just said hi, and all of a sudden she was opening the gate and pulling out chairs and sending her granddaughter for her eyeglasses. We asked if she had spoken with missionaries before and she was like.... uh.... no... haha but later she said that she had been super lonely and praying for company and that God sent us to her and she was beaming with happiness :) I love small and tender mercies like that. We found a few inactive members who have been inactive for YEARS with their families all nonmembers which is awesome :) I also had a testimony builder of asking references from the members. We asked a member and she remembered a young man they had visited almost a year ago. When we got to the house and asked for him a lady shouted no one by that name lives here!! As we were leaving a man ran out and called us back to explain that the person we were looking for had moved. We found out that the man we were talking to was just there visiting random, but that his parents were members living in San Pedro but looking for an apartment here in Ceiba. We hurried and helped him find an apartment in OUR area so that he can live there and we can teach him with his parents :) haha I felt like we were walking around without doing as much teaching this week but that we had a lot of miracles in finding people. Then at the end of the week it turned out that we had more lessons than we've ever had before! kind of like a fish and bread experience ;) 

I've really got to go now but I love you all and I'll write moire next week! The bus is going to leave us!!! haha

Until Next Week,
Hermana Bennett

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